Sports: Buenos Aires, 1960, led Argentina so you can Globe Cup success from inside the 1986 more than Germany

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Sports: Buenos Aires, 1960, led Argentina so you can Globe Cup success from inside the 1986 more than Germany

Pieter Pourbus D

P10. Sci/Tech: Near Loudun, France, 1857, French doctor/neurologist; their term now eponym to possess an inherited neuropsychiatric problem couple hooking up whoever attacks are multiple motor tics. Hint: Palace A beneficial. Eugne Charles Apert B. Alois Alzheimer C. Oliver Sachs D. Georges de- la Tourette

P11. Inside the one-fourth last facing The united kingdomt, obtained each other specifications, along with “Hands out-of God” objective. Hint: this new BVM. An excellent. Lionel Messi B. Diego Maradona C. Daniel Passarella D. Mario Kempes

Hint: Men whom cherished steak?

P12. Stage/Screen: New york. 1945, Yale Drama School, starred in of many videos, shows, in addition to once the Arthur Fonzarelli, awesome chill vehicles-auto mechanic, greased locks, leather-based dresses Fonzi towards the Pleased Months. An effective. Harry Winkler B. John Travolta C. Ron Howard D. Danny Zuko Clue: Eugene Career poem

P1. Art/Culture: Produced during the Delft, Netherlands, when you look at the 1632, spent the majority of his life decorate-usually -indoor views away from normal middle-classification lifestyle. Very little liked throughout his lifestyle, he’s now named one of the greatest performers of the fresh Dutch Wonderful Age. Hint: Too many hares for the yard. An excellent. Vincent van Gogh B. Pieter Bruegel C. Johannes Vermeer

P2. Geo: For the 1517, Martin Luther postings their 95 Theses towards the church door of what city? Hint: Elbe Good. Berlin B. Dresden C. Munich D. Wittenberg

P3. History: Fenghua, China, 1887, effective governmental armed forces commander, head of one’s Republic out-of China out-of 1927 until their dying within the 1975. The guy battled the fresh new Communists in a municipal war just before World Conflict II, after that added China contrary to the Japanese, next started again brand new civil combat afterwards. Hint: He could be in the post? A beneficial. Sunshine Yat-Sen B. Chiang Kai-shek C. Mao Zedong [[Tse-tung) D. Sunrays Fo

4. Lang: London, 1795, passed away regarding tuberculosis in 1821; throughout their twenty six age managed to produce several of ideal one hundred poems in the English code. To Autumn, that’s in regards to the fullness of your amass, begins: “12 months off mists and you may delicate fruitfulness/ Romantic bosom pal of maturing sunrays.” State the text! Are you willing to getting just how full orally looks?! A beneficial. Wordsworth B. Shelley C. Keats D. Byron

P5. Lit: Wales, 1920, it previous jockey wrote of numerous mysteries devote the fresh new horse community. His leading man is always the exact same individual regardless of if which have a additional title employment. Hint: Yes wasn’t sorry now. A. Colin Dexter B. Knob Francis C. Edgar Wallace D. Don Winslow

P6. Music: Chicago, 1937, was born in Bristow, Oklahoma, got your guitar of his sister at the many years 16, listened to Burl Ives, Harry Belafonte, Woodie Guthrie, as well as the Weavers; became the main Greenwich Community visitors restoration; Ramblin’ Kid; Wine bottle; Cannot Assist However, Inquire Where I’m Likely are very classics. Hint: “Really, I’m sick thereby exhausted …” Johnny Cash’s signature Valley track A good. Paul Stookey B. Phil Ochs C. Tom Paxton D. James Taylor

P7. People: Quebec, 1908, a beneficial pacifist, feminist, anti-Vietnam activist exactly who resided are 101. She try president of Voice of women to have Tranquility. Hint: elia Chown B. Muriel Duckworth C. Laura Hughes D. Buffy Sainte-Marie

P8. Potluck: Into the 1941, Attach Rushmore is carried out. Incidentally, exactly what county are we during the? Hint: Keystone. A good. Montana B. Northern Dakota C. South Dakota D. Wyoming

P9. Quotes: Tx, 1931, CBS information anchor and an hour server. step one. Cannot taunt the alligator up to after you’ve entered new creek. 2. A mind snob was somebody who can be listen to Brand new William Share with Overture and not think about the Lone Ranger. Hint: “I’d eventually Lipton. It’s a whole lot more teas taste. An excellent. Jane Pauley B. Mike Wallace C. Dan As an alternative D. Morley Secure


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